Cloudways Blog: Michelangelo Van Dam Digs Deep Into The PHP Community

On the Cloudways blog there’s a new post spotlighting a well-known member of the PHP community, Michelangelo van Dam and talking with him about his experiences and involvement in the community.

Michelangelo van Dam is the co-founder and CEO of in2it. He has been working with the PHP community for many years and has become an expert on PHP and Zend Framework.

Recently, Cloudways got a chance to interview him regarding his experience and how he got involved in the PHP community. He also shared different things related to PHP, including the change of WordPress from PHP to NodeJS and how it will change the internet landscape.

In the interview Michelangelo (DragonBe) answers questions about:

  • his experience as a coach in CoderDojo Mechelen
  • the easiest way to change your code from mysql to mysqli
  • opinions on WordPress‘ move towards NodeJs
  • advice to students thinking of starting a career as a developer

Check out the full post for more on these and the answer to other questions with this great member of the PHP community!

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