Site News: Blast from the Past – One Year Ago in PHP (07.21.2016)

Here’s what was popular in the PHP community one year ago today:

  • Easy Laravel Book: How Laravel 5 Prevents SQL Injection, CSRF, and XSS
  • Barry vd. Heuvel: OAuth in Javascript Apps with Angular and Lumen, using Satellizer and Laravel Soci
  • Remi Collet: New „remi-php70“ repository
  • Simon Holywell: International PHP dates with intl
  • Andrew Embler: Creating a Z-Ray Plugin for Zend Server 8.5
  • Freek Van der Herten: Speed up a Laravel app by caching the entire response
  • Lorna Mitchell: Test Your PHP Application on PHP 7
  • Sameer Borate: Cron Expression Parser in PHP
  • Paragon Initiative: Implementing Secure User Auth in PHP Applications with Long-Term Persistence
  • Simon Holywell: PHP date localisation with setlocale
  • Understand Overriding in Magento: Controllers
  • Rob Allen: Custom OAuth2 authentication in Apiiglity
  • BitExpert Blog: Think About It: PHP/PostgreSQL Bulk Performance (Part 3)
  • SitePoint PHP Blog: Defensive Programming in PHP
  • MyBuilder Tech Blog: Insertion, Removal and Inversion Operations on Binary (Search) Trees in PHP
  • Facebook HipHop Open Source Blog: Under the hood: Box’s HHVM migration
  • 5 Ways to optimize Symfony Baseline Performance
  • SitePoint PHP Blog: Validating your data with Respect Validation
  • Matthew Setter: PHP South Coast 2015
  • Voices of the ElePHPant: Interview with Jacques Woodcock

  • Site News: Blast from the Past – One Year Ago in PHP (03.17.2016)

    Here’s what was popular in the PHP community one year ago today:

  • Design Patterns: The Command Pattern
  • S.O.L.I.D: The First 5 Principles of Object Oriented Design
  • Release of PHP 5.6.7, 5.5.23 and 5.4.39
  • PHP Town Hall Podcast: Episode 39: Hi Josh!
  • Piotr Pasich: Ant, composer and code quality tools
  • php[architect]: March 2015 Issue Released – DB Migration
  • ServerGrove Blog: Symfony2 components overview: Stopwatch
  • Larvel News: Laravel Podcast (Host and Format Change)
  • Increasing project productivity in Symfony2 from Doctrine2 ORM
  • SitePoint PHP Blog: Use Laravel Contracts to Build a Laravel 5 Twig Package
  • PHP Roundtable: 015: SemVer, Licensing & OS Support Expectations
  • SitePoint PHP Blog: User Authentication in Symfony2 with
  • Voices of the ElePHPant: Interview with Evan Coury and Chris Hartjes
  • Phil Sturgeon: PHP 7 Feature Freeze
  • Matthew Weier O’Phinney: PSR-7 is in Voting Stage!
  • SitePoint PHP Blog: How to Use GitHub’s API with PHP
  • Sameer Borate: Create a quick REST API using Slim framework

  • Thijs Feryn: Interviewing Gary Hockin from JetBrains (Dev Evangelism, travel, PHPStorm & PHP cons)

    Thijs Feryn has posted his latest in his series of video interviews with members of the PHP community. In this latest episode he talks with Gary Hockin of JetBrains about developer evangelism, the PHPStorm IDE and community conferences.

    A couple of weeks ago I was in Las Vegas for Zendcon where I had to opportunity to chat with a lot of friends from the PHP community. This week’s episode features Gary Hockin, developer evangelist at JetBrains. Gary advocates the PHPStorm project and is a proud Welshman.

    Because Gary and I are both evangelists, one of the central themes of the interview is developer evangelism. We talk about the life, the travel, the public speaking, but also about the not so glamorous parts of the job. Throughout the conversation we also talk about PHPStorm and PHP community conferences.

    You can watch the video either through his in-page video player or over on YouTube. If you prefer the audio-only route, you can also listen on SoundCloud. You can also check out previous interviews Thijs has done in this category on his site.

    Community News: Recent posts from PHP Quickfix (11.04.2015)

    Recent posts from the PHP Quickfix site:

  • Running LDAP tests on travis-ci
    #phpquickfix, #ldap, #test, #travisci, #unittest, #pear
  • Improving Your PHP Project Structure with Dependency Injection Part 1: How it Works? – PHP Dependency Injection Container package blog – PHP Classes
    #phpquickfix, #phpclasses, #dependency, #injection, #part1, #container
  • 10 less-known (but awesome!) Laravel Collections methods – Laravel Daily
    [object Object] #laravelquickfix, #collections, #methods, #top10, #awesome, #phpquickfix
  • Feral Concurrency Control: An Empirical Investigation of Modern Application Integrity | the morning paper
    #phpquickfix, #feral, #concurrency, #control, #application, #integrity
  • Changing Author Homepage URL Properly in WordPress | The Storyteller
    #phpquickfix, #wordpress, #author, #homepage, #url, #change
  • The Hitchhiker’s Guide to SQL Injection protection
    #phpquickfix, #sqlinjection, #sqli, #protection, #guide, #tutorial
  • PHP Package Checklist
    #phpquickfix, #package, #checklist, #development, #opensource
  • SymfonyCon Paris 2015 welcomes an additional track to its schedule! (Symfony Blog)
    #phpquickfix, #symfony, #somfonycon, #paris, #track
  • Running Symfony Applications with PHP-PM | Symfony Finland
    #phpquickfix, #symfony, #application, #phppm, #tutorial
  • Changing Apigility’s auth token expiry | Rob Allen’s DevNotes
    #phpquickfix, #apigility, #authentication, #token, #expire, #change
  • New in Symfony 2.8: Deprecated service definitions (Symfony Blog)
    #phpquickfix, #symfony2, #deprecated, #service, #definition, #feature
  • How to Securely Allow Users to Upload Files – Paragon Initiative Enterprises Blog
    #phpquickfix, #security, #file, #upload, #user, #tutorial, #websecquickfix
  • New Training: Symfony Forms Best Practices –
    #phpquickfix, #training, #symfony, #forms, #bestpractices
  • PHP 7 Nested Anonymous Classes Tutorial – PHP Classes blog – PHP Classes
    #phpquickfix, #phpclasses, #anonymous, #class, #php7, #nested
  • Container-Interop support for Prophiler > bitExpert AG
    #phpquickfix, #container, #interoperability, #support, #prophiler
  • How to examine the reports files for Magento | ESchrade – Kevin Schroeder’s Blog
    #phpquickfix, #magento, #report, #files, #examine

  • Community News: Recent posts from PHP Quickfix (09.02.2015)

    Recent posts from the PHP Quickfix site:

  • random_bytes() in PHP 5.6 and 5.5 | Rob Allen’s DevNotes
    #phpquickfix, #random, #bytes, #randomint, #randombytes, #polyfill
  • Experimental Mac OS X Support « HHVM
    #phpquickfix, #hhvm, #experimental, #osx, #support, #hiphop
  • Calculating Periodical Events in PHP Part 1: The Problem Challenges – PHP Sweepstakes package blog – PHP Classes
    #phpquickfix, #phpclasses, #perioding, #event, #series, #part1, #problem, #challenge
  • What to Learn First In PHP | Nomad PHP
    #phpquickfix, #nomadphp, #learn, #first, #tessamero, #screencast, #presentation
  • PHP: rfc:callable-types
    #phpquickfix, #rfc, #callable, #type, #argument, #list
  • Postcards From My Life > Blog Archive Culture of Respect Printed Edition Now Available
    #phpquickfix, #cultureofrespect, #print, #edition
  • WeCamp Day 1 – Left On The Web
    #phpquickfix, #wecamp15, #conference, #day1, #summary
  • Laracon EU 2015 Recap – Laravel News
    #laravelquickfix, #phpquickfix, #laraconeu15, #recap, #freekvanderherten
  • WeCamp Day 2 – Left On The Web
    #phpquickfix, #wecamp15, #conference, #day2, #summary
  • PHP: rfc:range_checks_for_64_bit
    #phpquickfix, #rfc, #range, #check, #external, #internal, #api, #64bit
  • PHP: rfc:core-function-exceptions
    #phpquickfix, #rfc, #core, #function, #throw, #exception, #php7
  • Reviews – Title: Learning PHP, MySQL & JavaScript: With jQuery, CSS & HTML5
    #phpquickfix, #phpclasses, #bookreview, #oreilly, #learning, #mysql, #javascript, #jquery, #css, #html5
  • Owl Framework – Extreme High Performance PHP Framework for Awesome Apps
    #phpquickfix, #owl, #framework, #zephir
  • Frank de Jonge: Frontin like-a-backer – Laravel News
    #laravelquickfix, #phpquickfix, #frankdejonge, #frontinlikeabacker, #slides, #laraconeu15

  • PHP Roundtable: 021: From Idea To Production: Part 1

    The PHP Roundtable podcast, hosted by Sammy Powers, has a new show posted (#21) staring off a series about moving from just an idea to a production application. His guests for this episode are Steven Maguire, Jocelyn Lopez and Glen Hinkle.

    We discuss an idea for a web app and identify ways to turn it into a real-life product on the web.

    We start with describing the domain and the problems the app should solve. Then we identify the personas that will interact with the app. We discuss the features features the app should have to fix the problems and we sort all the features by priority. Finally we talk about timeline, deliverables and next steps. The app we discuss will be launched to production by the next airing of this multi-part series of taking an idea to code.

    You can watch this latest episode either through the in-page video player or directly over on YouTube

    Link: Increasing project productivity in Symfony2 from Doctrine2 ORM

    In this tutorial to the site Sasha Lensky talks about some things you can do to help boost the performance of your Symfony2 application with a few tweaks in how Doctrine is used.

    I have been trying to write this article for a long time, but just couldn’t get around. Finally, I pulled myself together and did it. So, what will we discus … I will share some techniques about working with Doctrine2 ORM, which will help to improve the site performance on Symfony2 (precisely any site that uses Doctrine2 ORM). I have created a project and put it on GitHub as a visual guide, so anyone can test my words in action now.

    He shares five tips and includes code examples and results (based on the Profiler toolbar) for each:

    • Downloading all necessary connections
    • Updating multiple entities by request
    • Hydration waiver
    • Using Reference Proxies
    • Using Symfony Profiler Toolbar

    That final tip about the Profiler toolbar is actually one used in the rest of the examples too, showing how to get that other information from the tool.


    Evert Pot: Accessing protected properties from objects that share the same ancestry.

    In his latest post Evert Pot shows an interesting side effect of working with two objects from the same class: accessing protected properties from one instance to the other.

    I realized something odd about accessing protected properties the other day. It’s possible in PHP to access protected properties from other objects, as long as they are from the same class. […] I always thought that protected strictly allows objects to access things from the current inheritence tree, but didn’t realize that this also extends to other instances of the same object.

    He includes a bit of sample code showing two object instances each being able to access the protected „val“ property from the other. He also shows an example of how it works in two different objects, both that derive from a common ancestor. He shares a few other code examples showing this relationship and points out a few places where it could come in handy.

    Link: Zend Framework from Scratch – Modelle und Integration der Lehre ORM hat ein zweites Tutorial in ihrer Serie mit Schwerpunkt auf dem Zend Framework heute veröffentlicht. In sie auf die Integration der leistungsfähigen Lehre ORM mit Zend Framework-Anwendung konzentrieren.

    Ready to PHP-Fähigkeiten, um die nächste Stufe zu nehmen? In diesem neuen „From Scratch“-Serie, werden wir ausschließlich auf Zend Framework Fokus , ein Full-Stack PHP-Framework von Zend Technologies erstellt. Diese zweite Tutorial auf unserer Serie „Models und Integration Doctrine ORM“ berechtigt.

    Sie fahren auf ihrer vorherigen Tutorial zu reden, was Modelle sind (mit einem Beispiel mit „Bank“). Sie zeigen auch, wie die Zend Framework „ZF“ Kommandozeilen-Tool verwenden, um Ihre Datenbank zu konfigurieren, richten Sie die Tabellen und download / bootstrap die Lehre Code. Die enthalten den Code, um einige einfache Modelle zu erstellen und wie man sie zum Erstellen und Aktualisieren von Datensätzen in Ihrer Datenbank. Sie können alle den Beispielcode für ihre Beispiele greifen von The Next Social ist github Repository .

    Site News: Blast from the Past – vor einem Jahr in PHP

    Hier ist, was in der PHP-Community beliebt Heute vor einem Jahr:

  • PHP North West: PHPNW10: Harrie Verveer: Database Version Steuerung ohne Schmerz
  • PHP Interview Fragen und Tipps
  • PHP-Versionen 5.2.15 und 5.3.4 veröffentlicht !
  • Jose Anthony Blog: PHP-Code Review-Checkliste
  • Joshua Thijssen Blog: Top-5-Zertifizierungen für jeden PHP-Programmierer
  • Court Ewing-Blog: Eine einfache Alternative zum Global Registry Dependency
  • Insidesigns Blog: Erstellen einer skalierbaren private Messaging-Anwendung mit PHP5
  • Eine Einführung in PHP und MongoDB
  • Johannes Schlüter Blog: Upload Progress in PHP trunk
  • Community News: Ibuildings kündigt niederländischen PHP Conference 2011
  • Joey Rivera Blog: Facebook Graph API App Einfache w / PHP SDK
  • Lorna Mitchell Blog: Abrufen von Daten aus Google Analytics API mit PHP
  • Erstellen Sie eine PHP-basierte Twitter-Client mit dem PEAR-Paket Services_Twitter
  • Mayflower Blog: JavaScript Fallstricke für PHP-Entwickler
  • Rob Allen Blog: PHP 5.3 ist schneller als PHP 5.2